PopSockets Translucent Phone Grip with Expanding Kickstand, PopSockets for Phone, Translucent PopGrip - Clear

PopSockets Translucent Phone Grip with Expanding Kickstand, PopSockets for Phone, Translucent PopGrip – Clear

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The PopSockets Translucent PopGrip is a ground-breaking phone accessory taking the tech world by storm. Featuring a blend of style and function, this accessory doubles as an attractive iPhone embellishment and a reliable phone holder. Compatible with a range of devices including iPhone and Samsung, the PopGrip transcends the boundaries of innovation and aesthetics.

This nifty little gadget offers a tangible solution for a hands-free experience, acting as a mini kickstand for your phone. With it, you can comfortably watch videos, attend video calls or read e-books anywhere you desire, without having to cradle your phone constantly. For those who are always on the go, the PopGrip helps with single-handed phone use, making multitasking easier than ever before. Plus, it provides an additional layer of security by preventing unintentional drops, ensuring your precious device remains safe and unscathed.

One of the biggest draws of the PopSockets PopGrip is its detachable top, also known as the PopTop. This feature caters to your need for self-expression and versatility, allowing you to switch styles whenever you want without going through the hassle of changing the whole grip.

Simply press the grip flat, twist it 90 degrees until you hear a click, and voila – you can pop on a new top to suit your mood. An adhesive backing ensures steadfast attachment, with the freedom of repositioning whenever required.

PopSockets are compatible with a variety of other phone accessories from the same brand, including wallets, cases, mounts, and slides. They adhere best to hard, smooth plastic surfaces and may not bond well to silicone, textured, or soft cases. For iPhone 12 and later models, the PopGrip may not work with Non-MagSafe cases and it is advisable to not use it directly on the device.

Overall, PopSockets Translucent PopGrip is not just a stylish phone accessory. It’s a game-changer in the tech world, blending simplicity, functionality, and adaptability. It’s more than a phone holder – it’s an essential lifestyle gadget.

Top ten reasons you need this…

1. Versatility: A PopSocket PopGrip is not just a stylish accessory for your phone, it serves multiple purposes including acting as a holder and a stand.
2. Prevents Drops: The PopGrip provides a sturdy and secure grip for one-handed use, significantly reducing the risk of dropping your phone.
3. Swappable Tops: The PopGrip tops are interchangeable, allowing you to instantly switch up the style of your phone without having to replace the entire grip.
4. Compatibility: This PopSocket PopGrip is compatible with many phone models from brands like iPhone and Samsung, as well as with a variety of phone accessories.
5. Convenience: It’s easy to apply with an adhesive back and can be repositioned as needed. Plus, it collapses flat when not in use.
6. Charge Friendly: You can remove the top for wireless charging without having to remove the entire grip.
7. Enhances Phone Use: The PopGrip enables you to use your smartphone one-handed, making it easier to text, call, and browse.
8. Access to All PopSocket Accessories: The PopGrip is compatible with all other PopSocket accessories such as wallets, cases, mounts, and slides, expanding your customization options.
9. Easy to Change Style: You can just press flat, turn 90 degrees, and swap the top to change up your PopGrip style without replacing the whole grip!
10. Phone Stand: The PopGrip doubles as a kickstand, allowing you to prop up your phone for convenient viewing wherever you may be.
Price: $9.97
(as of Mar 12, 2024 22:00:43 UTC – Details)

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