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  • Using the PHP Everywhere Plugin

    Using the PHP Everywhere Plugin

    To put this php code on your WordPress site simply install the PHP Everywhere plugin and put a block on your post or page and then put this code into your block. Publish and enjoy.

  • “Neuromancer’s Legacy”

    “Neuromancer’s Legacy”

    In the year 2077, Jack and Trinity are two of the most skilled hackers in the world. They are brought together by a powerful A.I. server that holds the knowledge of every book in the world. As they compete to create the server, they fall in love. But when they discover a sinister plot to destroy it, they are forced to go back in time to meet William Gibson, the author of the iconic cyberpunk novel “Neuromancer.” Together, they must save Gibson from a deadly threat and ensure that he writes the book that shapes the future of technology.