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GeekZoneHosting.Com,LLC is a network of interrelated web sites that help get you activated in the world wide web through a variety of web services, educational services, and internet marketing services.

We run MTBN.NET Hosting and Domain Name Services. We offer high quality, easy to use and affordable web hosting solutions.

We run Leadspidea,Com which offers marketing and reputation management services via a SaaS application offering.

We run PLRImporter.Com which offers a SaaS offering to assist blog marketers with conversion processing of Private Lable Rights text article libraries into Coma Separated Value .csv files for quickly uploading articles into Content Management Systems.

We operate On-Line-Interactivity.Com which helps get you set up with Google Adsense optimized web sites filled with keyword rich SEO pages.

We operate OnLineInteractivity.Com which helps you set up your own on-line business network.

We run HolidayCashProfitGenerationSystems.Com which teaches you how to market your products and services using Holiday Event marketing techniques.

We run MyGeekZone.Net which is an on-line gaming focused site.

We run SummerStreams.Com which is a Gamer Video and Blogging site.

We run MTBN.Network which is a marketing site for various Hosting Reseller Opportunities.

We run MTBN.Enterprises which is a Customer Relationship Management portal site SaaS offering.

We run the Web Application Programming Technology User Group at WapTug.Com which is a Learning Management System offering web application training courses.

We are affiliates for many brands that we market for and generate sales for.

We are a limited liability corporation with our HQ in Bothell, WA

We are a family-owned business.

Latest posts

  • How to start? Find a computer programming book.

    Everyone that starts to learn a programming language needs a book. Period. There’s no way around it. Sure you have loads of info on the internet even complete and detailed tutorials. But nothing replaces a good. The real problem is to find a good book in the local book store. You’ll get tons of computer programming books. Some decent, some really bad, some cheap, some stupidly expensive.

  • Programming Languages of the Internet

    Programming Languages of the Internet

    The beginning of generation codes used to program computers, was called machine language or machine code, it is the only language a computer really understands. It is a sequence of 0s and 1s that the computer’s controllers electrically interpret as instructions. The second generation of codes was called assembly language. assembly language turns the foreign […]

  • History of the internet

    History of the internet

    The fundamental idea of the internet first came about in a paper that was published in 1960 by J.C.R. Licklider. In it, he articulated the concept of a wide network of computers, and some of the uses that would arise from such a network. Mr. Licklider had ideas that would shape the powerful tool that we use so frequently in modern times. 2 years later, Licklider was hired by the U.S. Government’s Department of Defense. Specifically, he worked in a branch called DARPA. At t…